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44 Top LTO Traffic Violations with Highest Fees and Penalty Charges

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LTO Top Traffic ViolationsIn case you didn’t know it yet, here are the 44 top traffic violations to avoid committing because they incur the highest fees and penalty charges and are parallel to some of the heaviest penalties in the Philippines.In actual, they are 47 in number but I removed some of them. You can see the complete list at the LTO and MMDA website.

Get to know them and how to avoid committing them while driving in streets anywhere in the Philippines. Good for both Pinoys and foreigners with license to drive. Traffic violations listed here have at least Php 1,000.00 fee if you commit them. (full photo credits to

  1. Driving without License – Php 1,500.00
  2. Driving with suspended or revoked or improper license – Php 1,000.00
  3. Driving under the influence of liquor – Php  5,000.00
  4. Driving under the influence of drugs – Php 10,000.00
  5. Allowing an unlicensed/improperly licensed person to drive motor vehicle – Php 1,000.00
  6. Possession and use of fake/spurious Driver’s License – Php 2,000.00
  7. Conviction of the driver of a crime using a motor vehicle -Php 3,000.00
  8. Operating / driving a motor vehicle which is unregistered / improperly Registered – if committed by the driver without the knowledge and Consent of the owner/operator – Php 2,000.00
  9. Operating / driving a motor vehicle which is unregistered / improperly Registered – if the driver is also the processor of the subject motor vehicle – Php 4,000.00
  10. Operating a motor vehicle with unregistered substitute or replacement engine, engine block or chassis – Php 5,000.00
  11. Operating /allowing the operation of MV with a suspended / revoked Certificate/Official Receipt of registration – Php 1,000.00
  12. Tourist operating or allowing the use of non Philippine registered Motor Vehicle beyond the 90 day period of his sojourn in the country – Php 5,000.00
  13. Display/Use of an expired commemorative plates or stickers – Php 2,000.00
  14. Tampered/ marked plates or stickers – Php 2, 000.00
  15. Illegal transfer or use of MV regularly issued MV plates, tags or stickers except security plates on authorized Motor Vehicle – Php 10,000.00
  16. Operating MV with metallic tires in any public high ways – Php 5,000.00
  17. Dilapidated or defective MV – Php 1,000.00
  18. Unauthorized use of bell, siren or exhaust whistle – Php 15,000.00
  19. Out of line – Php 6,000.00
  20. Operating a motor vehicle with expired franchise (CPC). Operator/owner/possessor of MV per day from the date of expiry to the date of the CPC – Php 1,000.00
  21. Operating a motor vehicle with expired franchise (CPC). Operating or using a For Hire Motor Vehicle different from its types of services mentioned in the CPC – for driver – Php 1,000.00
  22. Operating a motor vehicle with expired franchise (CPC). Operating or using a For Hire Motor Vehicle different from its types of services mentioned in the CPC – for operator – Php 3,000.00
  23. Operating a motor vehicle with expired franchise (CPC). Operating or using a For Hire Motor Vehicle different from its types of services mentioned in the CPC. 2nd offense and suspension plates, OR, CR for six (6) months
    for driver – Php 2,000.00
  24. Operating a motor vehicle with expired franchise (CPC). Operating or using a For Hire Motor Vehicle different from its types of services mentioned in the CPC. 2nd offense and suspension plates, OR, CR for six (6) months
    for operator – Php 4,000.00
  25. Operating a motor vehicle with expired franchise (CPC). For subsequent offenses and suspension of DL, plate, OR/CR for one (1) year
    for driver -Php 3,000.00
  26. Operating a motor vehicle with expired franchise (CPC).For subsequent offenses and suspension of DL, plate, OR/CR for one (1) year
    for operator – Php 5,000.00
  27. Unreasonable refusal to convey passengers to the suspension of the license of the driver of the license of the driver for two (2) months. If the operator has knowledge or consent to the infraction committed, the place, OR & CR shall ikewise be suspended for two (2) months – Php 1,500.00
  28. Use of fake plates/stickers/pursuant documents – Php 2,000.00 to 4,000.00
  29. Misrepresenting a copy of a document pertinent to a motor vehicle Before the Traffic Adjudication Service – Php 1, 500.00
  30. Reckless Driving – 1st Offense – Php 1, 000.00
  31. Reckless Driving – 2nd Offense – Php 1, 500.00
  32. Reckless Driving – 3rd Offense – Php 2, 000.00
  33. Reckless Driving – Succeeding Offense – Php 5, 000.00
  34. Fast, Tampered, Defective or non operational,Tampered, broken, fake or altered meter seal – Php 3,000.00
  35. Fast, Tampered, Defective or non operational,Tampered, broken, fake or altered meter seal – Php 3,000.00
  36. Fast, Tampered, Defective or non operational,Tampered, broken, fake or altered meter seal – First offense – Php 4,000.00
  37. Fast, Tampered, Defective or non operational,Tampered, broken, fake or altered meter seal – Second offense – Php 6,000.00
  38. Tampered, broken, joint, reconnected, fake or altered sealing wire – Php 1, 500.00
  39. No taxi Meter – Php 1, 200.00
  40. Smoke Belching define under RA 8479 – for the 1st offense and to pass the smoke emission test – Php 1, 000.00
  41. Smoke Belching define under RA 8479 – for the 2nd offense and to pass the smoke emission test – Php 3, 000.00
  42. Smoke Belching define under RA 8479 – for 3rd and subsequent offenses and to pass the smoke emissionn test and to suspend of plates, CR/OR/ Registration of MV for one (1) year – Php 5,000.00
  43. Operating a right hand drive motor vehicles – Php 50, 000.00
  44. Failure to Install Seatbelt as defined under RA 8750 – Php 1,000.00

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193 Responses to “44 Top LTO Traffic Violations with Highest Fees and Penalty Charges”

  • alvin says:

    magkano ang tubos sa violation sa !
    mc below 400cc in skyway?

  • alvin says:

    magkano fine kung ang violation mo ay mc below 400cc
    sa skyway?

  • July Pajigal says:

    Magkno po penalty “NO ENTRY” Sign?

  • Gil T. Salazar says:

    I had a major car accident along the South Luzon Expressway some time ago. I only found out about the accident the following day when I regained consciousness. I also found out that my driver’s license was taken by a Highway Patrol Group officer. I was cited for reckless driving and being fined P 3,000; I was not interviewed at all by the HPG officer re the accident. Did I really commit a traffic violation?

  • Michael Estalilla says:

    Magkanu po tubos sa inner lane na hnd kumaliwa?

  • Leah says:

    Kng ang registered po Ay motor cycle with sidecar, tapos nagbyahe na single motor lng (without sidecar), magkano po ang violation?

  • Welmart says:

    Magkano po ang bayad ng nahuling walang dalang or at cr?

  • James says:

    Driving without OR and CR or registration 10k po yan…kahit hindi na nilagay sa nanghuli yan, automatic po yan malalaman ng LTO office kya babayaran mo parin yan

  • Jeffrey T. Daluddong says:

    Good day po maam/sir, si jeffrey daluddong po ito nang kabasalan zamboanga sibugay.nahuli po ako nang LTO dito po sa ipil zamboanga sibugay,xpirepo kasi driver license ko po nang 2016 naka limotan ko lng po kung anong buwan po yun pero ang TOP number ko po ay 1740 7180 po,kukunin ko na po sana ngayong araw kasu po nagulat po ako kung bakit ang laki po nang pinataw na pinalty 18,077.63 bakit po napaka laki? my cell number 09751503494 salamat po mabuhay po kayo! inaasahan ko po ang inyong sagot salamat!

  • vivian colo says:

    Sir magkano po ang penalty ng open pipe muffler…

  • Peter John Limson says:

    Sir/ Ma’am..good day po. Ask ko lng kung magkano penalty ng illegal parking(towed) car.Kasi sinisingil kami ng 5k, Kia Picanto po ang vehicle.

  • John Mark Medina says:

    magkano yung penalty sa top load or overload.

  • Hello, there.

    Just wanna know regarding the fines and penalties. Like for example, if you had an accident, then you don’t have a driver’s license. I believe that there’s a penalty. But I wanna know is that, if you are driving without a license, then you under the influence and recklessly driving on a national highway and you got involve in an accident. I believe all of those mentioned violations have specific fines and penalties. Are you gonna be charge with each of the fines and penalties associated with the violation or you will be charge whichever has the higher fines or penalties? Hope to get an answer from anyone who is well versed about this.

    Thanks and have a great day.


  • Levin Madrid says:

    Hi. Tanong ko lng po ang fine sa defective brake lights? Magkaiba po ba ang amount kspag sa NLEX nahuli? Thank u.

  • Sherrylou says:

    Mag Magkano po ang bayad sa pagtubos ng plaka ng motor? Driving without license ato helmet po. Nung april 2017 pa po naconfiscate ung plaka ng motor nmin .

  • ken mark acasio says:

    how much overspeeding nlex.. sa east ave ko kukunin license ko salamat sa sagot agad

  • Kalvin alivio says:

    Ask ko lang how much ang penalty ng driving motorcycle without helmet

  • Ian Dizon says:

    Dear Sir/Ma’am,

    Good may.

    May we know how much will be the fine for overspeeding at NLEX?

    The car was used by different

    Thank you,
    Ian Dizon

  • Ian Dizon says:

    *The car was used by different drivers due to emergencies.

  • Sarah V Garcia says:

    magkano Po ba Ang fee pag no side mirror. Kasi bakit ganun
    nahuli si Kuya Ng LTO no side mirror,nung tutubusin n nya
    5,000.00 Ang hinihingi sa kanya. Ang mahap nmn Po.

  • Mark says:

    Anu po ang violation kung nakapark ka sa tapat ng tindahan para bumili sa mismOKng tapat ng tindahan. Nakapark ako sa sidewalk.

  • Rojelito says:

    magkano fee sa failure to bring or/cr? illegal parking thank u s pag.answer..

  • Hilda says:

    Magkno po ang penalty pag out of line impunding shoes slipper sando po

  • Bryan dalogdogan says:

    Mag kano po Kaya ung fee sa trafic light violence ba ung blingker ang red light ie mabagal naman takbo q

  • Krisandy G. Labbao says:

    Magkano po tubos ng licence ko . . Abruct changing lane ang violation ko

  • Alvin ladrillo says:

    Maam/sir ask ko lng po magkano penalty ng speed limit or over speeding..

  • Arvin says:

    Hello goodafternoon,

    Kung bagong bili po ang motorcycle, at wala pang o.r.c.r, and mejo may katagalan po talaga mga dealers sa pag release nito, anong pwede po naming gawin na mga riders oh ipakita, sa mga LTO, checkpoints? Kung bawal po ang walang o.r.c.r sa pagmamaneho sa kalsada, pano napo ang kabuhayan naming mga riders.

  • john pelayre says:

    ask ko po sana kung magkano babayaran kapag hindi nabayaran yung ticket mo for illegal u turn, I was caught last january and I was not able to make a payment directly to the traffic admin in our city, gusto ko lang sana malaman kung magkano babayaran sa LTO pag inupload ng city traffic admin namin and mga pending payment ticket

  • Christopher says:

    Sir anu poba yung vuolatipn na au37 ?

  • Christopher says:

    Sir ano poba yung vilation na au37 .nahuli ko kasi nuon kukunin ko sana ngayun may interest ba yun 2017 pa ako nahuli .

  • Christopher says:

    ano poba yung vilation na au37 .nahuli ko kasi nuon kukunin ko sana ngayun may interest ba yun 2017 pa ako nahuli .

  • Rolyn pagacita says:

    Goodmorning mam/sir ask lang po magkano po kaya mababayaran namin if indamage property po sa nlex at nasa LTO po ung license at ilang weeks po kaya ang suspended nun? At makukuha ba agad namin if ever po? Salamat po

  • drew says:

    sir/maam mag kano po tubos infound student permit ?

  • Edison says:

    Hello! Tanong ko lang po sa mga nakaka alam po dyan!
    May other Penalties po ba kung hndi mo pa natubos ang Driver’s License mo sa due date?
    Kasi tutubusin ko daw sia ng 1.5k sa LTO Main Quezon City, ehh lumagpas na sia sa due date, may dagdag penalty ba kada araw? Hangga’t hndi mo pa natutubos ang license.

  • jofrey says:

    magkano naman po walang warning device

  • Elizabeth a fernandez says:

    May violation po ba pag hindi pa naregister ung car sayo pangalan kasi po na ka mortgage s banko pa itong march ipparehistro pa labg s name ng may ari ngaun april 16, 2018 kasi kattapos lang mabayaran ang bank financing nya. Register pa lang ngaun buwan ng abril ung ssakyan kaso ggamitin nmin ung ssakyan din ngaun buwan may violation po ba kami kung hindi pa tapos ang registration n asa pangalan ng may ari kasi iilipat pa lang ng banko? Hindi po ba sya pede gamitin kahit ongoing ung paglipat s pangalan ng may ari?

  • Nicole says:

    Sir/magkanu po tubos sa disregarding officer city ordinance sa manila

  • evan lagrata says:

    gandang araw po…. nahuli po yung anak ko na nagmomotor dun sa lugar namin sa valenzuela,,, ang problema po ay student lang yng license nya…. sigurado po na may violation agad sya… normal lang po ba na impound ang motor or ticket lang yung student nya….

  • Joel Estoque says:

    Maam sir ung 2yrs poh n expire pwede po bng ei renew ulit kc uwe plng aq this year ei

  • rolfjhon says:

    magkano po ba ang bayad sa violation:
    failure to carry DL. OR/CR while driving?

  • Kenneth pasco says:

    Mam/sir magkano po tubos kapag ang kaso is obstruction. Salamat!

  • Chris says:

    Hi! Ask ko lang. How much ang fine sa ganitong violation? Kanina kasi while driving sa slex, instead na sa cash lane ako pumasok eh naka diretso ako sa rfid lane (unintentional) ito, i tried na makalipat ng kane kaso may nakalagay na no swerving and may harang din. Pa-exit nako ng C5 nun. From there, yun enforcer kinuha license ko and issued me a ticket. I was advised na within 3 days bago pumunta sa lto main which is in east ave. Anyone has an idea magkano aabutin nf penalty charge for this kind of violation? Thanks!

  • celestine says:

    hi good day around 1pm, yung partner ko nag drive pauwi ng cavite city then he called me na he need help kasi namatay ang sasakyan nila along cavitex pero nasa gilid naman sila, nakasakay yung pamangkin nya na 2 yrs old at yung nag aalaga, alam ko kasi emergency nga naman yun wala naman nakakaalam and alam ko wala ako sascene since im working sa isang malaking car insurance sa usa ang trabaho ko katulad sa lto, im concern is tumawag ako sa hotline ng cavitex to assist my partner kasi nasa highway po sya so i ask an assistance kasi na sa manila ako mejo malayo but i ask my brother to go there para ma assit parnet ko pero galing pa syang cavite so i called emergency hotline
    para massist sya but hindi assistance ang na received ng partner ko kundi makuhaan ng license sa gitnan ng initan at matickitan dahil wala daw early signal bullshit dba so para saan pa ang pag tawag namin sa emergency hotline maling process talaga dito sa pinas kaya nakakasad sorry pero in are part hindi kami mali kasi unat sa lahat tumawag kami for assistance pero anung ginawa may security na dumaan nung tinanung sya kung may early signal what ever sya sabi nya “wala” tinanung nya kung okey lang ba na intayin nlng yung brother ko sabi ng security patrol na “okey lang yan boss mag hazard ka nlng boss” tapos umalis na after that dumating na ang mga walang modong LTO at walang konsiderasyon, nakakainis lang dahil hindi ko mahanap yung sa mga article about the early device eh hazard isa ng early signal na at ang mga sinasabi nila na early device eh para sa mga trucks and so what ever kaya maling mali ang ginawa nila, yung mga may violation sa kalsada mismo nabibigyan ng lagay bakit ito ng scene kanina 05/07/2018 monday hindi manl;ang inasist at pinagbigyan pagkaticket iniwan lang knowing na may 2 years ols na bata sa gitna ng initan mga walang modo gusto ng lagay, hindi ko papalagpansin tong nangyari dahil never nahuhuli ang partner ko sa kahit na anu ngaun lang emergency ang nangyari ganun pa, consideration naman po, hindi nya na napictiuran kasi hindi naman kasi nakikiusap yung taong yun, nagbayad sya ng towing services understandable na magbayad kahit sa us may bayad talaga pe]ro yung ginawa nila hindi tama sa totoo lang ilalapit namin to kay tulfio at may mga kamaganak po kami sa malacanang sana naman po pantay pantay para umasenso ang bayan, sorry sa mga word kaya hindi na umaangat ang pinas ngaun kasi sa mga taong bulok ang systema..


  • Jerald Vingco Langres says:

    Magkano po bah pag bayad pag wala ang isang side mirror nang motor

  • Marc says:

    Ask ko lang po sana kung anu po ba kailangan kong gawin kc ang kinuha sakin ay ung xerox copy ng student permit ko nung hinuli ako. Tapos gusto ko kumuha ng non pro. Nasa akin naman ung orig copy. Patulong naman plsss salamat..

  • Robert emploma says:

    Matanong ko lang po required po ba sa private multicab minivan ang malagay ng capacity ng sasakyan at fire extenguisher? Kc po hinuli ako ng mmda sa may newyork edsa cubao.

  • Christine Peppard says:

    Ask ko lang po sana- ano po ang mangyari if nabigyan ng violation for EXPIRED REGISTRATION and DRIVING W/O LICENSE (wala kahit student permit)?

  • Jonathan says:

    Good day need assistant with my case,nabangga po kc aq ng isa pang rider then ngkaroon po aq ng fracture sa tuhod kya hindi po aq makalakad and ned po ng operation,problem po is wlang licence ang driver and not wearing helmet pati po ung angkas nya, hindi din po nila dla ang or/cr ng motor.ano po kya pwede nmin isampang kso sa driver ?

  • orlando r.santos says:

    Magkano penalty ng driver at passenger (1) for not wearing seatbelt

  • mark anthony dela cruz says:

    good afternoon po magkano po kya ang babayaran ko sa violation ko po. not wearing helmet. slamat po sa sagot.

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