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44 Top LTO Traffic Violations with Highest Fees and Penalty Charges

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LTO Top Traffic ViolationsIn case you didn’t know it yet, here are the 44 top traffic violations to avoid committing because they incur the highest fees and penalty charges and are parallel to some of the heaviest penalties in the Philippines.In actual, they are 47 in number but I removed some of them. You can see the complete list at the LTO and MMDA website.

Get to know them and how to avoid committing them while driving in streets anywhere in the Philippines. Good for both Pinoys and foreigners with license to drive. Traffic violations listed here have at least Php 1,000.00 fee if you commit them. (full photo credits to

  1. Driving without License – Php 1,500.00
  2. Driving with suspended or revoked or improper license – Php 1,000.00
  3. Driving under the influence of liquor – Php  5,000.00
  4. Driving under the influence of drugs – Php 10,000.00
  5. Allowing an unlicensed/improperly licensed person to drive motor vehicle – Php 1,000.00
  6. Possession and use of fake/spurious Driver’s License – Php 2,000.00
  7. Conviction of the driver of a crime using a motor vehicle -Php 3,000.00
  8. Operating / driving a motor vehicle which is unregistered / improperly Registered – if committed by the driver without the knowledge and Consent of the owner/operator – Php 2,000.00
  9. Operating / driving a motor vehicle which is unregistered / improperly Registered – if the driver is also the processor of the subject motor vehicle – Php 4,000.00
  10. Operating a motor vehicle with unregistered substitute or replacement engine, engine block or chassis – Php 5,000.00
  11. Operating /allowing the operation of MV with a suspended / revoked Certificate/Official Receipt of registration – Php 1,000.00
  12. Tourist operating or allowing the use of non Philippine registered Motor Vehicle beyond the 90 day period of his sojourn in the country – Php 5,000.00
  13. Display/Use of an expired commemorative plates or stickers – Php 2,000.00
  14. Tampered/ marked plates or stickers – Php 2, 000.00
  15. Illegal transfer or use of MV regularly issued MV plates, tags or stickers except security plates on authorized Motor Vehicle – Php 10,000.00
  16. Operating MV with metallic tires in any public high ways – Php 5,000.00
  17. Dilapidated or defective MV – Php 1,000.00
  18. Unauthorized use of bell, siren or exhaust whistle – Php 15,000.00
  19. Out of line – Php 6,000.00
  20. Operating a motor vehicle with expired franchise (CPC). Operator/owner/possessor of MV per day from the date of expiry to the date of the CPC – Php 1,000.00
  21. Operating a motor vehicle with expired franchise (CPC). Operating or using a For Hire Motor Vehicle different from its types of services mentioned in the CPC – for driver – Php 1,000.00
  22. Operating a motor vehicle with expired franchise (CPC). Operating or using a For Hire Motor Vehicle different from its types of services mentioned in the CPC – for operator – Php 3,000.00
  23. Operating a motor vehicle with expired franchise (CPC). Operating or using a For Hire Motor Vehicle different from its types of services mentioned in the CPC. 2nd offense and suspension plates, OR, CR for six (6) months
    for driver – Php 2,000.00
  24. Operating a motor vehicle with expired franchise (CPC). Operating or using a For Hire Motor Vehicle different from its types of services mentioned in the CPC. 2nd offense and suspension plates, OR, CR for six (6) months
    for operator – Php 4,000.00
  25. Operating a motor vehicle with expired franchise (CPC). For subsequent offenses and suspension of DL, plate, OR/CR for one (1) year
    for driver -Php 3,000.00
  26. Operating a motor vehicle with expired franchise (CPC).For subsequent offenses and suspension of DL, plate, OR/CR for one (1) year
    for operator – Php 5,000.00
  27. Unreasonable refusal to convey passengers to the suspension of the license of the driver of the license of the driver for two (2) months. If the operator has knowledge or consent to the infraction committed, the place, OR & CR shall ikewise be suspended for two (2) months – Php 1,500.00
  28. Use of fake plates/stickers/pursuant documents – Php 2,000.00 to 4,000.00
  29. Misrepresenting a copy of a document pertinent to a motor vehicle Before the Traffic Adjudication Service – Php 1, 500.00
  30. Reckless Driving – 1st Offense – Php 1, 000.00
  31. Reckless Driving – 2nd Offense – Php 1, 500.00
  32. Reckless Driving – 3rd Offense – Php 2, 000.00
  33. Reckless Driving – Succeeding Offense – Php 5, 000.00
  34. Fast, Tampered, Defective or non operational,Tampered, broken, fake or altered meter seal – Php 3,000.00
  35. Fast, Tampered, Defective or non operational,Tampered, broken, fake or altered meter seal – Php 3,000.00
  36. Fast, Tampered, Defective or non operational,Tampered, broken, fake or altered meter seal – First offense – Php 4,000.00
  37. Fast, Tampered, Defective or non operational,Tampered, broken, fake or altered meter seal – Second offense – Php 6,000.00
  38. Tampered, broken, joint, reconnected, fake or altered sealing wire – Php 1, 500.00
  39. No taxi Meter – Php 1, 200.00
  40. Smoke Belching define under RA 8479 – for the 1st offense and to pass the smoke emission test – Php 1, 000.00
  41. Smoke Belching define under RA 8479 – for the 2nd offense and to pass the smoke emission test – Php 3, 000.00
  42. Smoke Belching define under RA 8479 – for 3rd and subsequent offenses and to pass the smoke emissionn test and to suspend of plates, CR/OR/ Registration of MV for one (1) year – Php 5,000.00
  43. Operating a right hand drive motor vehicles – Php 50, 000.00
  44. Failure to Install Seatbelt as defined under RA 8750 – Php 1,000.00

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79 Responses to “44 Top LTO Traffic Violations with Highest Fees and Penalty Charges”

  • Joseph silverio says:

    Mag kanu Po penalty Ng no left turn 2 taon na Po na hnd ko nakuha licence umuwi Po ako Ng pilipinas gusto ko Po na tubusin kaso Po nagulat ako sa penalty ko 10k to 20k daw Po ang babayaran ko sa makati Po Ito

  • Andre Fajardo says:

    Where are the fines for the folowing violations?

    1. Broken/not workinp tail light or signal light
    2. Wornout/recapped utiliti vehicle tires
    3. Tricycles plying main road.
    4. Motorcycles stoping on/beyond the pedestrian lane termination line.
    5. PUVs loading and unloading at undesignated areas.
    6. No helmet.

    And the like that would teach uneducated drivers who belong to the lower class something.

  • arnel says:

    Mam./sir mag kano poh kya tubos ng over speeding. ??

  • arnel says:

    Magkano poh fenalty ng over speeding

  • Eric says:

    magkano po tubos ng student permit?

  • Normandy zumel says:

    Violation po ba kapag nagdrive nang walang Official Recipt (lost) but with the PVC driver’s license (not expired)?

  • Rodrigo Lopez says:

    Sir just want to ask, I have a tricycle and I use it in our province for public use. I have my franchise of a TODA in our place. If I decided to use it for the meantime as my personal service to work, will I get caught for a violation, eventhough, I have all complete papers and requirements?just want to ask to ensure that if ever I do decide to use it as a single service to work I won’t be caught for any violation.
    Thank you and hoping for your response.
    God bless

  • Michael Vincent Mamalias says:

    Helow sir goodday… Can i ask if okey lang ba e change ang headlight into LED pero may high / low naman… 3led lights lng gamit ko…

  • Bobby says:

    How much is the fine for overspeeding 1st offence po

  • Cathelyn says:

    Hello po ask lang po sana ako if how much is the no helmet back riding?in mandaue area po sana?

  • Gary Bayani says:

    To Our Hon. LTO Executive Chief Madam Virginia Protacio Torrrs,

    Please Be Concerned To The People & Drivers That Are Involved To The CAPOTE AGENDA Contract Of Las Piñas City Hall. The 10,000 php Penalty Fee Can’t Be Immediately Produced, Our Honorary Chief Of LTO Executive Chief Justice Madam Virginia Protacio Torres, Wnose Going To Afford Payin The Penalty Amount Just To Save Himself From LTO Indictments & Other UnAvoidable ID Card Confiscation? Who Should Shoulder The Fine When We Are Just The PROXY To The Supreme Court Officials? I Will Pay Immediately If Iam Personally Intending On Buying Or Scoring These Stuffs Without Your Permission And Just For My Own Benefit & Likes. I am Intentionally Taking Participation On CAPOTE Agreement Agenda That The Honorary Head Mayor Mercedita Gonzales Deometreiou, Had Asked Me To Do Even If Iam Currently In A Government Appointed Title As The Manila & Las Piñas City HEAD COUNSELOR. I Am Never Wishing To Be In Politics, The Head Official Of The City – Her Hon. HEAD MAYOR MGD, Is The Executive Personality Who Made Me Signed Up For My Account Position And Title Now. I Think It Is A Good Thing To Bother Asking The Head Mayor For Explanations About The Capote Agreement Before Somebody Would Care Taking A Back-Fire On Us. The Conditions Seem To Be A Little Out Of Perspective. How Come Iam A Counselor & Doing These Out-Of-Tune Task? And Most Worse That Can Happen, You Might Get An Ugly Response From These Kill-Viewers Of Yours Because You Are An ADDICT. Isn’t That True Madam? And Also, These Rumors If Ever It Spreaded Can Cause You Lots Of Trouble Especially At Your Area Where You Stay. HOW CAN YOU FIX THE RE-WILL-OCCUR PROBLEMS REGARDING TO YOUR REPUTATION AS A GOOD CITIZEN OF YOUR BONAFIDE CITY A None Society Member Hook-On-Drugs? So, There Must Be Cleaning-Up To Do On These Matters. Where Will You Get Answers To Erase Dope-Hood Backgrounds & Take Back Those That’s Lost In Your Credibility To Where You Started As An Officially Normal PERSON OF THE COMMUNITY & A Non-Aspirant To DRUGS? I am Before Not Known Using Drugs In Our Place Even After I Graduate & Finishing The Course In Computer Engineering At AMACC Magallanes & Took A 2years & 11months South Korea Abroad-Hopping To Work In A Newly Opened Company Located In Seoul, Inchon City. So When The Contract Ended And Flew Back Here In Manila Alone. I Met A Guy Named Arnold Vinuya Who Had Been Busy Taking Me To Bars Along Roxas Blvd. And Met With People Connected To Drugs In A Motel In Pasay City. I Got Into Showing Money & Pay For The 4,300 php About 10 grams In Weigh Amount, Which We Consumed The 2 grams In Actual & Brought Back In Our Place The Remaining 8 grams Of ‘BATO’ And Settled Dividing Into Half Each For The Two Of Us. That Story Took Place On December Of Year 1993. So As I Go, I Got Jailed By The LTO Q.C. Drugs Examiners And Admitted For 3 months In Their Backyard Area Lot Newly Renovated Rehab Compound Center For Non-Pro ID License Card Examinee. The LTO Required To Take Drug Test-Exam For Every Card Renewals. I Was Positive & Paid 14,000 php For No Court Appearance Needed & Told Me That The Supposed 120,000 php Jail Imprisonment Fine To The NBI Warrant Department & The 350,000 php Fee For The LTO RTC Court Judge Including The 410,000 php Court Hearing + Requirements Fees Could Be Avoided When I Voluntarily Submit To Taking The Risk Staying In A REHAB Center. I Was At That Time Ignorant To People Who Takes Drugs Like Marijuana For Vice. I Managed Surviving Days To Months Of Stay In The REHAB And Got Freed By Signing On The Agreement To The Barsngay Tanod That I Must Obey What’s All Wriiten On The Paper Even Without The Court Judge Official’s Presence. To Make That Clear. They Forced Me To Sign & Agree And Asked Money ‘SUHOL’ From My Parents Every Week Of The Amount In Peso The Cash 3,400 For 9 months Before My Parents Decided To Appeal In Court For Extortion By The 4 Barangay Tanod To The Honorable Preciding Judge In LTO Q.C. The Re-Appeal Of The Barangay Tanods Were Trashed And Denied In Front Of The Said Preciding Ex-Officio Judge Madam Marina Gonzales And Out-Decided By The Asst. Head Barangay Solicitor-Judge Madam Mercelinda Gonzales And Given A Decision To Reimbursed The Extorted Money Plus Moral Damages Reaching The Standard Price Of 470,000 php, Plus The EXEMPLARY Civil Status Indemnity Amounting To 4,000,000 Pesos Paid In Metered Cheque Where We Obliged Us To Pay In Full Our House Mortage Fees Including Others To The Hon. Judge Virginia P. Torres, Sr. Inside Her Top Floor Office At LTO Court Of Appeals Bldg. In 1994. So, That’s Where The Drug Test & The Barangay LTO Tanod Arresting Boys Got Banned & Blottered To Every Precints In Manila Including Provinces. And Also, The LTO Supreme Court Made A New Policy During 1995 (Effectivity Start & For Lifetime) That States The Law On Protection Priorities Only For Civilians By All Lawmen And Stopped The Harrassments To Every Civilians Member Or Non-Members Of The LTO. And To Give Another Straight To Point Reviews / That, The Supreme Court On 1997 Gave Decision That The ‘METO-Substance’ Are Legal On Streets & Homes With Exemption To Other Popular Drugs Like The MARIJUANA That Are Tested Hazardous To Drivers And Can Cause Humanly & Physical Harm When Accidents, Because Of Zero Reflexive Reactions, Could Lead To Mental Block And Poority To Visions Which Brings Eminent Danger On Roads, Streets, Highways And To Civilized Grounds & Community Places Because Of These Mental Toxications That Could Also Lead To Death Of Young People. Whereas, Non-Toxicating Substances Causes Vigor & I.Q. Health That Are Said By The Authorities Of City Hall Will Be Available For Sale Without Prescriptions In All MERCURY DRUGSTORES OUTLET & Exclusively Sold To Male-Adult Only w/ Receipts This Coming Maturity Month And Year Of Effectivity Until The 2100 year Date Of

  • Gary Bayani says:

    Madam. I Did Not Intentionally Mis-Spelled Your Name. Someone Must Have Tamper-Typed It And Made It Look Indescently Printed. I Hope This Person Gets What He Deserves. Let Him PAY.!!!!!


  • Ace Padua says:

    How Much po and Broken windshield, Unregistered Vehicle Color and No Front Plate number?

  • Ace Padua says:

    Hi how much po ba ang penalty sa unregistered vehicle color, Broken Windshield and Lost Front Plate Number?

  • Noemi says:

    How much for the MV unauthorized accessories, equipments and parts ?

  • sheryl says:

    Magkano po penalty Sa 22km ang violation ng over speeding ko po?

  • Ricky says:

    Magkano po bayad kapag nka tatlong huli na ang violation is failure to wear seatbelt device ? Thanks!

  • Vincent says:

    Sino pwede makatulong sa akin sa pag.recover ng drivers license ko po..ang violations ko po ay driving w/o improper helmet at no or cr ang motor ko po, sabi ng lto 13,500 daw po yung penalty ko.sana po meron makatulong man lang na bumaba nman konti yung penalty charges ko. Cebu area po.salamat

  • Glyza says:

    Sir gudpm nahuli po yong kapatid ko at na in found po yong motor namin ang naka lagay sa papil na violation no entry at no license.magkano po yong bayag noon.

  • Jose Antonio baybay says:

    Tama bang hulihin ang isang naka motorsiklo sa kadahilanan na naka short,sando at tsinelas? Ang pagkaalam ko ito ay pinatupad sa mga public utility like tricycle driver,jeepney driver,bus driver,at taxi.

    Kung oo nman hulihin, pakipaliwanag poh kung anu ang kahalagahan at kaibahan sa nka sapatos at Hindi naka sado at short.slmat poh.

  • HAROLD says:


  • Myla says:

    Hello how r u..ask ko lng po driving with unregestered po ang penalty daw po 14k kasama pagtubos ng licenses bkit po umabot sa ganun kalaki..slmt pp

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