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A1 Driving School San Juan

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A1 Driving School Logo

A1 Driving School Logo (photo credits to

San Juan is probably one of the cleanest cities in Metro Manila and I just love how the Ejercitos manage the waste as well as the taxes. This clearly shows that the taxes of the people is working well, at least in a point where waste management is clearly of good standing. Not to mention part of Greenhills which is one of the hubs for shopping by wealthy families and teens.

In the meantime, I would just like to reveal one of the important data today that for those who want to study and learn driving, A1 driving school already had a branch / office in San Juan. Full contact details listed below.


Location Address: Shoppesville Arcade, Ground Flr., Greenhills Shopping Center (near LBC and Mercury Drug)

Contact Telephone Number / Hotline: 724.6990

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2 Responses to “A1 Driving School San Juan”

  • Resident says:

    “San Juan is probably one of the cleanest cities in Metro Manila…” You are kidding, right?

    “…the Ejercitos manage the waste as well as the taxes.” If you live in Greenhills, you will know this is far from true.

  • Ahmed sajjad says:

    hi sir .I want to ask I have Hong Kong driving lances .and im going to Philippines for Vista 14 days so can I drive in Philippines with Hong Kong international driving parment?

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