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LTO Fines, Fees, Traffic Violations and Penalties List from DOTr and DICT

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The Department of Transportation and Communication (DOTC) has already been divided into 2 distinct departments. The Department of Transportation (DOTr) and Department of Information and Communication Technology (DICT). This was done under the Duterte administration in response to providing a more specific service to the Filipino people with 2 distinct problems – information and communication technology and transportation. The aim is to concentrate the job, duties and responsibilities of the DOTr in aid of solving traffic problems in Metro Manila.

Traffic Violations and PenaltiesIn our call to provide useful information to all our readers and followers here at LTO License, we are posting the latest list of traffic violations and penalties with their corresponding list of fees / fine for a particular occurrence. We have the photo below and will be writing the equivalent wordings below. The list is based from a joint administrative order – DOTC JAO No. 2014-01. To confirm authenticity, please take a photo of this list and then visit your nearest LTO office or the DOTr and ask for the latest version. You can compare using an old list from our old post here – LTO traffic violations penalties and charges.

Traffic Violations and Penalties 2017

lto traffic violations

You may download a list of the above featured charges fees and traffic violations or penalties lto-fines-penalties-charges. which we took from the official DOTr website which you can visit here.

  • Driving without a driver’s license / conductor’s permit – Php 3,000
  • Driving motor vehicle used in the commission of a crime – Php 10,000
  • Commission of a crime in the course of apprehension – Php 10,000
  • Driving motor vehicle under the influence of liquor / dangerous drugs or similar substance – Php
  • Reckless driving – 1st Offense – Php 2,000 / 2nd Offense – Php 3,000 / 3rd and Subsequent Offense – Php 10,000
  • Submission of fake documents in relation to application and/or renewal of driver’s license – Php 3,000
  • Failure to wear subscribed seatbelt device -  1st Offense – Php 1,000 / 2nd Offense – Php 2,000 / 3rd Offense – Php 5,000
  • Failure to require passenger to wear prescribed seatbelt – Php 3,000 for every violation
  • Failure to wear prescribed standard protective motorcycle helmet - 1st Offense – Php 1,000 / 2nd Offense – Php 3,000 / 3rd Offense – Php 5,000 / 4th and succeding offenses – Php 10,000
  • Failure to carry driver’s license / ORCR while driving any vehicle – Php 1,000
  • All other violations of traffic rules and regulations – Php 1,000 includes parking violations, disregarding traffic signs, driving against traffic, illegal turn, illegal overtaking acts, right of way violations, unsafe towing, obstruction, overcharging, no franchise, false or fraudulent documents, trip cutting etc.
  • Driving unregistered motor vehicle – Php 10,000
  • Unauthorized vehicle modification – Php 5,000
  • Operating right hand driver motor vehicle – Php 50,000
  • Operating motor vehicle with defective or improper unauthorized accessories – Php 5,000
  • Failure to attach or improper attachement / tampering of motor vehicle license plates – Php 5,000
  • Smoke belching – 1st Offense – Php 2,000 / 2nd Offense – Php 4,000 / 3rd Offense – Php 6,000 + 1 year suspension MVR or motor vehicle registration

Note 1: These traffic violations and penalties as well as vehicular issue penalties and driving charges, fees and other issues are posted at the DOTC website under a memorandum circular that is dated 2014… Please confirm data with proper authorities only.

Note 2: The information featured here in our website may change without prior notice so make sure to always confirm the figures and penalty fees listed above with the DOTr, the Philippine government agency that handles all issues, problems and matters regarding transportation specifically traffic violations and penalties.

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