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MVIR – Getting Motor Vehicle Inspection Report in LTO for Use in Car Loan Application

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First, what is a LTO motor vehicle inspection report (MVIR)? What are its different uses and how do you apply or acquire this document? One of the requirements for a motor vehicle renewal and brand new car registration is the MVIR.

Uses for LTO MVIR

Both application uses this document as part of the documents required to qualify to renew any vehicle. It is also a must for cars being used as collateral to loan via sangla ORCR (see image for ORCR loan below) to local lending companies. But this is a special case in the latter. The reason is because you will only be required to apply or get a copy of the motor vehicle inspection report because it is next to impossible to get the engine and chassis number on a stencil using LTO blue form. If this is the case, then you will be required by the lender to get this document from Land Transportation Office. Otherwise, you will have to acquire one if you are applying for registration of a new auto or renewal of registration of a used vehicle.

sangla orcr

Apart from the 3 uses for MVIR file, note that this document also helps prove that you have the same engine and chassis number as it appears in your OR/CR and in the vehicle. That this also partially proves you don’t have a chop-chop vehicle or stolen vehicle or an alarmed vehicle or that which had an involvement in any form of street accident. Thru the MVIR, confirmation of OR/CR data with the engine and chassis number may help a used or new car buyer to confirm any legality of the car. This is an equivalent blue print where LTO base its legality and involvement in any illegal issues.

mvir form

How to Get MVIR in LTO?

So what are the different requirements in getting an MVIR in LTO and how to get this file? Below is the initial list of documents you need in applying for inspection report. You can download a copy of the MVIR form here.

  1. original copy of ORCR and blue form from LTO
  2. bring vehicle to nearby office or to your vehicle origin of registration
  3. get your vehicle engine and chassis stencil from an LTO officer

You can find a list of requirements and guide for car registration renewal from the Money Max Website. Otherwise, if the reason why you need a MVIR is because you wanted to apply for car loan without taking car to a lending company, be sure to approach only legitimate LTO officers and not fixers. Scammers abound almost all Land Transportation Offices in the country.

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