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How to Verify Vehicle LTO Plate Number via SMS / text and know if it’s carnapped or with bad record of apprehension

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There are literally so many purposes for verification of a vehicle’s plate number. First off, you have to realize that it is not so easy before when you want to know to whom a vehicle is registered or if that vehicle has a bad record in the LTO in terms of driver apprehension or if it is alarmed in the Land Transportation Office as a hot car or carnapped vehicle.

Here is a short guide for all who want to get the details of a vehicle in as fast as 1 minute. Yes, believe me you can now do it at that lightning fast pace because the LTO already had a system wherein all you have to do is to send a txt message (via SMS) to verify any vehicle’s plate number and know if it is a hot car (carnapped) or if it has a bad record in LTO. See the guide picture below.

LTO Vehicle Profile Verification via SMS

As of the writing of this post, August 6, 2012, this txt and SMS system verification method still works. I know it because I have tested it just now before posting it here for 100% reliability. I used my own car to test it out and presto! The results were amazingly and surprisingly 100% correct. You can try it to see if it still works by:

With your cellphone / mobile phone, just key in:

LTO<space>VEHICLE<space>[plate number of your vehicle] and send to 2600.


All you have to do after this process is to wait for about 5-10 seconds until the auto-generated reply arrives in your inbox.

LTO has this system as the fastes it has ever given chance to verify a vehicle basic information and specification plus model number and make. To be exact, I checked my inbox and these are the details provided in the auto-generated txt reply:

Car Plate – Model – Year of Manufacturing – Color – Date Last Registered in LTO – LTO Apprehension/ records and LTO Alarm (if any, referring to if your vehicle has been reported stolen or carnapped by the owner).

Please note that this can now be used by the proper authorities to get to crooks especially those carnappers who get caught in a checkpoint so beware all you scumbags!

Special Note: On per text message cost, a sent message with confirmation will cost the texter a Php 2.50. This text and SMS verification system by the LTO has been tested personally by me and the good news is that it definitely works for Smart, Globe and Sun Cellular users. I’m not so sure if it does the same for Touch Mobile, Red Mobile and the rest of the telco providers.

For an idea on the part of the vehicle owner, to avoid staying too long for the questioning of police officers in a checkpoing or a military authority, all you have to do is to show them the message and if your vehicle is totally clear of any records that could cause you to be apprehended, then you will not have to stay too long for questioning.

Another great tip where you can use this system is for verification of the registration of a second-hand car or used automobile you want to buy. This way, you can get assurance that it is clean before you get to pay for it or it’s too late. Remember that buying a hot car can cause you the same case as a carnapper.

To Remember: This registration verification via SMS is effective only for private cars> I am not sure to this date if LTO is planning to include all vehicles sooner or if it already included in the system / database of inquiry such as (motorcycles, taxis, tricycles, trucks, etc.). You can use this system, however to verify if it does work for other vehicles by using the system. I don’t have a jeep, tricycle, truck or a motorcycle to test it with so please bear with me. On the other hand, there are other related uses listed below taken from the official website of the LTO Philippines.

Other LTO services via text message:

  • To get motor vehicle transactions: LTOMV
  • For other permit and transactions: LTODL
  • To inquire license details: LTOLICENSELicensePlateNumber
  • To report a complaint on a PUV: PUV

Send to 2600

749 Responses to “How to Verify Vehicle LTO Plate Number via SMS / text and know if it’s carnapped or with bad record of apprehension”

  • Atty. soledad R. Campbell-Sugatan says:

    please furnish detail information on this vehicle:
    motorcycle Plate No. TB5313. Likewise be furnished information if there is or no driver;s license issued to ZALDIE PANGILINAN HIESCO, resident of Magallanes, Cavite

  • nancy villanueva says:

    what are the requirements/how can i register a vehicle that was rebuild/assembled in a shop? ty and looking 4ward for ur reply

  • Dolly says:

    Brilliant project of LTO, SMS alert is a big help to those who wishes to buy a 2nd hand cars. More power and please continue to develop more ideas in helping/protecting the owners, buyers and sellers of private cars.

  • Simplicio Gamali says:

    I want to renew my non pro license but it was expired last 2002. Can I renew it with penalty and same requirements of renewal?

  • paul mark t. manalo says:

    gusto ko poe pa veryfy ko po yung license ko,,matagal na po kasi nawawala ang license ko po ala po kasing pang pa buklat,,kaya nag message na lang ako d2…..

  • ManolitoToledo says:

    I would like to know how much I have to pay in transfering title of a car.

  • mokong says:

    I had a bad doubt that I am dealing with hot car that I want to buy. I just found the advertisement from a website of car for sale and after exchanging mail with the owner, I feel that the owner of the said car is not really the owner or they are a syndicate trying to con a customer. This is because when I asked all legal document from the owner, he just simply not response anymore. And during our email conversation, the said advertisement when I come to the weblink is not available anymore and saying it may be sold or remove by owner. If I am selling car, I will not removed it till i find a buyer and sold it and we are in the middle of how to visualize car, road test, check the document. The owner told me to send my address and phone and he will deliver the car without cost on my side even the car will not suite on my taste(by the way I am in abroad and the owner of car said that he is in abroad too and only his carrier will deliver the car that is why we are dealing thru email only). Would you please help me track this car if it is hot or carnapped or a faked advertisement. I will send the detail plate of car, carrier name and address according to his driver’s license and the one who claimed that he is the lawyer of the car owner with driver’s license also attached on their mail to me. I have all this on my mail and our conversation. Thank you very much.

    • Christine says:

      Hi mokong, Get the car plate number to verify, you will also help many other people victims of this scam. Ask the plate number and car description then post it here i can help you verify.

    • Julius says:

      What then is the development of your query sir? Did you prove that it is a syndicate activity? Thank you and more power!

  • Rodrigo T. dela Cruz says:

    Please check ownership and address of the person who owns a Black Mitsubishi Montero with Plate Nos. PIC – 717

  • Rodrigo T. dela Cruz says:

    Please verify owner and address of Black Mitsubishi Montero with Plate No. PIC – 717

    • Mich Celiz says:

      This black mitsubishi montero PIC 717 owner also assaulted me this morning at around 5:40 AM in Kapasigan, Pasig.
      Did you learn who owns it?

      • Marie says:

        This Black Montero with plate number PIC 717 also harrassed me around 12:30pm today along C. Raymundo Ave. People saw the incident. Does anybody know who owns this vehicle?

      • Marie says:

        Ms. Mich Celis, I now know who owns this car, and I can confirm that the registered owner is the one who used this car when I was harassed. I would like to file a case on this person. Maybe you can help me? Please reply to this message if you are willing to help. Hope to hear from you.

        • Imah says:

          Hi Ms. Mich and Ms. Marie. I encountered this man 4 years ago, October 10, 2015 to be exact. I didn’t know what to do, so I sent a message thru Facebook to MMDA while waiting for my (ex) boyfriend because he’s an intern at Belvedere Tower

          “I don’t know who to inform regarding the incident that happened to me just now. I just want to report a guy who is driving with a license plate of PIC-717 here at Pearl Drive, Brgy. San Antonio, Pasig. He’s a maniac in a way that he approached me asking for direction then suddenly he asked if he can look and touch my shoes because he said he’s a shoe maker. He also examined my feet for a minute and when I’ve seen his other hand, he’s also touching his penis. His exact word were “nakakalibog yang paa mo”. I just pushed him away from me then I ran off. I don’t know what type of car he is driving, I’m just sure that his car’s plate number is PIC-717. Please do something about this. I’m concerned because it’s getting late and he looks like he’s a well-mannered man by the way he looks and by the car he is driving. Please make sure to inform all concerned government employees like the MMDA to catch this maniac.”

          I hope mahuli siya :( whenever I pass thru Pearl Drive naa-alala ko yung incident :(

        • Tim says:

          Hi, how did you know who owns the car?

  • rodyard says:

    mam/sir ask q lng po kung me issued license ky sherwin delacruz at may kotse po sya w/palte number ppo414 toyota altis 2010

  • Chris Jamero says:

    It seems no LTO personnel is able to answer any queries in this post. I’m guessing this is not the right place to ask questions.

    SMS service doesn’t seem working, I already tried several times already.

  • alyssa morales says:

    hi mag verify sana ako ng plate number kng hndi sya carnap or kng wala alarm sa lto.2nd hand kasi plan nmn bilin kaya lng d nmn gumagana ung system tru sms bkit gnon..tpos nkalagay 24hrs and wait lng ng 5-10seconds.kagabi pako nagtxt paulit ulit wala pa din.its Tj9560.thnks

  • ed says:

    I just hope text message with no positive result won’t be charged P2.50/text for LTO vehicle plate number verification. Thanks!

  • daniel isaac says:

    ask q lng pano q malalaman kung totoo ung driver license at kung regester kmi sa pamamagintan ng website nyo?? kse marami n kumakalat n fake ng license!!!!!!!!!!

  • Evangelina M. Leguro says:

    Wow, it’s really fast, you have been useful and got the information in just a few minutes. Thanks for the help! :)

  • summer s says:

    send me alert via sms
    09192616111—-sms only

  • ayenz miranda says:

    hi pano koh po ma ttrack ung taxi na sinakyan ko nkuha ko po ung plate number UWE 830 maiwan ko po yung phone koh!!

  • Brent says:

    I am experiencing same issue with Mokong. may I please know what happen to this case? i can also send the email of the one selling the car also saying his @ abroad. I’m also doubting about this ads. we might be able to help other people through this. I’m afraid that the car that they are selling is a prospect for carnap. the weird part, the plate number of the car is shown on some of the pictures advertised.
    it’s better to be sure. if ever it’s ok, at least for the peace of mind. thanks. i’ll be waiting for your reply. thanks and God bless.

    • ace says:

      I also experiencing the same. Im planning to buy from an onlineadvertisement. Im still waiting for the online reply of the said owner about the meet ups. His saying his in france and his care taker will deliver the car without any shipping cost if ever it is against my taste. And im on doubt. I txted lto and the plate number was no apprehension and no alarm.

  • rodolfo tuliao says:

    gusto ko lang po malaman yung taxi na tumangay ng gamit ko passport pera plane ticket paalis n kasi ako sa june 13 kaya lang e2ng taxi driver pag baba namin biglang pinaharurot yung taxi nya di pa nakukuha yung bag sa loob e kinakawayan cya pero di huminto 2loy 2loy lang ang laman ng bag passport atm card sa abroad planeticket id na residence card plate number po ng taxi uvr 431 body name nya GYD malabo kc yung camera e ..paki naman kung cno yung owner para malaman kung cno yung magnanakaw n yun salamat po

  • Mercedita S.Burlaza says:

    PLease to know if Bank accts and land tittle are the requirment in renewing our PUJ registration.Please advice.

    Thanks mercy

  • Carlos Espino says:

    Please comment on the anti carnapping device wherein the plate number of the vehicle is etched permanently on the windshields(front & back), windows, and side mirrors of the vehicle. Thanks

  • ph_citizen says:

    Got this message when I send to 2600..’Sorry we cannot process your request right now. Please try again later’. Come on LTO make your system reliable 24/7.

  • bekang says:

    I wanna know if transactions made online (may problema ka ba, call or txt LTO at this # blah blah blah).I called that number and spoke to a representative from mindanao.I have asked her to process change name.she asked for downpayment, I supposed its gonna be paid thru LTO tas sa bank, then sa isang pangalan lang and should be send sa lbc. She’s asking for 4k, is that the exact amount? Are these not scam??

  • ronaldo rosales says:

    kindly check this plate number DK5583..we already try to send in txt but no reply..

  • Kaku says:

    i used LTO text service today it does not responded any problem on LTO text hotline????

  • jan says:

    Is this still working?

  • armand climaco says:

    im going to buy a car but i want to make it sure the registration of the car regarding the plate number,engine no,chassis no,color of the car and who is the owner of that car if first or second hand

  • MIKE says:

    sa nawalan po ng plate number na ZDC578 makipag ugnayan lamang poh sa telepone 412 0777 number na ito aqu poh un nkapulot ng plate number nyo tnx..

  • rey says:

    bat di nag reply ang LTO?Nag txt na ako.kala ko ba 5 to 10 seconds,paulit ulit nalang ako nagtxt.2.50 pa naman per txt.

  • Mervin R. Dela Cruz says:

    Sir / Madam,

    I just want to verify if toyota RAV4 with the plate # WJY 271
    have no any bad records.I want to buy this vehicle and the owner is working out the country right now. he leaved all the documents to his caretaker.

    Your Immediate respond highly appreciated


  • Vin says:

    Hi, Im in the same situation as ” MOKONG & BRENT”, the owner of the vehicle said that he is working abroad. He asked for my name, address and contact number which I gave. The owner also said that his caretaker will deliver the vehicle to my home for the test drive and checking of documents. Could you please help me on how I could verify if I’m dealing with a legit seller? Thank you and God Bless.

  • Essel says:


    I tried to txt the inquiry but the response was “Sorry we cannot process your request right now. Please try again later.” Will this be deducted to my load as it has failed.maybe you can help trace the plate number TTD433 if this is a clean vehicle. Thanks and godbless..


    gusto ko sanang e verify tong palate VDS 939 kung mayrong pong bad record o wala thangs

  • Amor Fule says:

    Kindly furnish me of the name of vehicle registered owner CRV pearl white with license plate PVI371. It will be of great help to me verify true ownership before i acquire said vehicle. thanks a lot.

  • lezyl says:

    please help me verify the vehicle with plate number XLH 821 mitsubishi adventure if this a clean vehicle.

  • Jc Santos says:

    I tried to verify a particular vehicle’s current details by texting its plate number to 2600 and I got a response saying “Sorry we cannot process your request right now. Please try again later.” I did this thrice with an hour interval between the three text messages. I always get the same reply. It would have been alright except that they keep deducting 2.50 pesos from my load each time. Hope you can fix this problem soon.

  • mark says:

    Pls verify kung cno may ari nang motor na may plate number GW 7729 sa cebu po e2. And some details narin po. Maraming salamat po. God bless

  • akonga says:

    pwede po bang paki email sa akin ang may-ari ng sasakyan na may plakang RFG123. thanks po

  • Aldrin says:

    Try agian later ang reply

  • Anthony Parane says:

    Hi Sir.

    may nabili poh akong 2nd hand na MOTOR kaso ang mali ko nde ko naiverify kung may ALARM o WALA ung motor. . nung mag paparehistro ko lng poh nalaman . . ang pinag tataka ko lang napa rehistro nya ung MOTOR nang APRIL 4, 2009 .. eh ung PENDING alarm na LUMABAS is February 5 at February 9 nang 2009 . . pano nya poh naparehistro ung MOTOR nang nde na aasikaso un PENDING ALARM. ? mag paparehistro na poh sana ako kaso may PENDING ALARM parin sya ngaun 2013. . aus lng poh sana kung ako na mag babayad nang alarm ang kaso ang LAYO poh sa NUEVA ECIJA pa. . nde poh ba pwedeng ausin ung ALARM kahit dun lng sa LTO main or LTO Meycuayan dun poh kasi ako malapit. . sana poh matulungan nyo ko. . e2 poh number q. 09328764143 .. tnx !

  • Mimilanie Ungsod says:

    Sir/ Madam,
    Gud am po,My Motorcycle was stolen here in Minuyan Proper, San Jose del Monte Bulacan,.Last October 24,2013 Plate no.” For Registration” Model:made by YAMAHA-Mio SPORTY Color BLUE,with Chassis No.PAO4OCOOODO174983,MOTOR ENGINE NO.4OC-133271 until now I’m still hoping that motorcycle returned to me. Please check this motorcycle if registered to someone else.I got this Motorcycle from TRANSCYCLE Sapang Palay Bulacan paying for 36 months….I was so disappointed for my situation I am paying for nothing..I already reported these to Traffic Management Group. I hope there will be an action…

  • Sayrie Ferry says:

    Gusto ko sanang e verify itong plate number ZNB105 ( toyota fortuner ) gray color kung merong pong bad record o wala. At gusto ko ring malaman kung ang may-ari talaga niyan ay si Yamateh Mazkara? Sana po makarating ang inyong sagot today bago po kami magbayaran by Saturday 16 November 2013. Maraming salamat po sa inyo.

  • benedict says:

    This Text Message Verification system is not enough. I tried once, it appears that the vehicle has no alarm/apprehension.. but the problem is… the vehicle has a pending case (Levy).. weird.. but it can still be renewed..

  • kaye says:

    Pano po pag di sumasagot? reply po tnx

  • LokarLokari says:

    Anu bayan nag pa load ako d nmn nagana

  • oyo says:

    pki check nman po ung plate number nto PWH493 ksi plano blihin ni papa yn gusto nmin mlaman kung ok b sya at kung wlang bad record nagtxt ako s sms verify ang laging sgotsorry we cannot process your request right. syang load slamat.

  • jayar says:




  • drake green says:

    is this plate no. is legal here in manila i bought a car from cebu and they issued me like this 090810?its weird for new cars or to some import cars they should be like this tw 1234 right?need your legal opinion-thanks

  • Serge says:

    Makikita rin po ba d2 kng san nka register ung sasakyan? ung owner.. pa verify po to 3112-KA, motorcycle po yan, secondhand.. gusto ko po ipa verify if wala bang bad record yan, bago ko bilhin.. salamat po

  • sherwyn acebuche says:

    Pyj965 nka atras ng tao.hindi bumaba bagkus umalis lang. Pano ganun ganun na lang. Wala ba aksyon…

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