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Report Abuse

Ever encountered abusive enforcers, authorities, MMDA TMG officials, police and other officials of the LTO and/or the government? Here is your chance to report them. All you have to do is to make sure that you have something to prove your report/claim or complaint. This could be a receipt, a documentary report, a photo, a video, an audio and more. Let us help each other in my call for a traffic-congestion free street of Metro Manila.

For as long as you have something in your possession that you think can give you ground to report the abuse whether it was done to you, your friend, a loved one or a family member or anybody. This is our page for that. We will be providing a form here soon for all your complaints so you can fill it up with details and send it to us. We will post it here via our “Complaint” section category in the sidebar. The only thing we can’t promise you is if they will be acted upon by the rightful authorities. We can only hope.

Just fill up the form we will be providing “soon” below.

257 Responses to “Report Abuse”

  • Jo says:

    Tricycle driver with Student Permit only, bumped my vehicle at the left rear and did not take responsibility, promised to pay but did not. 2 people who are with him are even arrogant and do not care. He is not accompanied by anyone who has real license this just happened yesterday April 29, 2019:

    Raymond Tomotorgo Maravilla
    Permit#: D18-18-S16120
    Date Issued: 11/15/2018
    OR#: 002018148957753

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