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Motorcycle Lanes in EDSA rules and guidelines of implementation, violation, fees and penalties – Where is Tolentino?

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Motorcycle Lanes in Commonwealth - 4th Lane

Motorcycle Lanes in Commonwealth – 4th Lane

In another blog I read today regarding the implementation of motorcycle lanes in EDSA (written in Tagalog / Filipino), a call is on the way. The blogger mentioned about the lack of discipline of riders who (based from my experience0 thrive in committing left and right violations against fellow motorists in private and public vehicles and I strongly believe that it’s true. (full photo credits to

But let us see first what makes up these violations because first and foremost, if we just look deeper into where the real problem lies, we’ll find out in our conscience that the lack of discipline lies in the shortcomings of both the LTO rules and laws in the street and in the implementation of these said rules. Eventually, we will see that apart from the lack of fangs for the traffic enforcers, these fellows were the ones first hand committing crimes against their own rules to implement on the street and to motorists. Drivers of motorcycles were being neglected as part of the population of motorists. Enforcers usually let them go even if they have committed a violation. They were being neglected with respect to strict implementation of rules and laws of traffic. Furthermore, contributing to the ever worsening traffic congestion and lack of discipline while driving in the street. The authorities prefer to take kick backs or “kotong” rather than talk with motorists and remind them or instruct them what violations they are committing and what possible penalties they are to face or worse what they have committed. All these and more as we all know but refuse to truly understand how come.

Traffic enforcers forget the fact that to ease out the traffic congestion, they don’t just need patience and basic traffic handling knowledge not to simply implement their rules and do their duty but also to have and use their guts to implement them regardless of who they are to face in their daily lives as “enforcers”.

MMDA Motorcycle Lanes in EDSA

MMDA Motorcycle Lanes in EDSA

The continued violation of police officers and other law enforcement authorities and yes, at times even government officials and the neglect of the traffic enforcers to have them apprehended for their violations, do contribute further to worsen traffic. More to this, the continuous neglect to let these violator law enforcers or government authorities to know they are not exempted at any cause to traffic violation and rules and regulations of the street. A whole bunch of pictures and examples may be found on Facebook where the subjects are either MMDA, LTO, HPG, and LTFRB, police officer, mayor, congressmen, senators, president, common citizens of the Philippines or whoever they may be. Worse, the evidence is there but the lack of action still prevails leading me to question, Where is Tolentino in all this? (full photo credits to

Getting back to the point. I have written below a few facts taken from other concerned citizens of the Philippines and bloggers who believe that everything else will begin with the laws and rules of the street and the enforcers taking them seriously by implementation regarding motorcycle lanes implementation, violation, fees and penalties.

Motorcyclist (Motorcycle Riders) Violation Penalties (In order: Violation Title – Code – Corresponding Penalty / Fine Fees:

  1. No crash helmet – 128 – P150 (P1,500 under LTO)
  2. Dress Code for Riders (Slippers) – 211 – P500 / P700 / P1,000
  3. Excess Passenger / Cargo – 212 – P1,000
  4. Driving Under Influence (drugs / liquor) – 065 – P2,000
  5. No Rear Plate – 169 – P150
  6. Failure to give proper signal – 043 – P150
  7. No / Defective Head Light – Note: headlights must be on even during daytime – 020 – P150 (P1,000 under LTO)
  8. No / Defective Tail Light – 021 – P500 (P1,000 under LTO)
  9. No / Defective Brake Lights – 103 – P150 (P1,000 under LTO)
  10. Reckless Driving – 004 – P500 + seminar / P750 + DL suspension / P1,000 + DL revocation of license
  11. Unregistered Motor Vehicle – 068 – P900 + IMPOUND
  12. Delinquent / Invalid Registration – 017 – P900 + IMPOUND

The right and legal way for motorcyclists to overtake any vehicle while on the street is posted here – Riders who wish to overtake a vehicle in front of them may do so by overtaking on the left side of the vehicle to be overtaken. For this purpose, Riders are allowed to temporarily deviate from the Motorcycle Lane by brie?y using the lane to their left (5th lane), and immediately returning to the Motorcycle Lane upon the completion of their overtaking movement. Again, proper signaling and safety precautions should be observed during these overtaking movements. (source:

Reasons Why MMDA Implemented the Motorcycle Lanes in EDSA:

  1. the number of motorcycles traversing Epifanio delos Santos Avenue (EDSA) has steadily proliferated; for the Year 2011, 6,559 were observed to ply the Northbound lane and 5173 along the Southbound lane on a daily basis, representing a nineteen percent (19%) increase from the Year 2010;
  2. motorcycles cause traffic congestion and endanger the safety of motorists and vehicle riders;
  3. from 2009 to 2010, there was a marked seventy-two percent (72%) increase in motorcycle-related accidents along EDSA that resulted in damage to property and physical injuries, both fatal and non-fatal;
  4. the number of motorcycle-related accidents only slightly decreased during Calendar Year 2011, and still represented a sixty percent (60 %) increase from Calendar Year 2009;
  5. there is an urgent need to adopt additional measures to address the alarming increase in motorcycle-related accidents;
  6. last year, the MMDA established motorcycles lanes along Commonwealth Avenue in Quezon City and Macapagal Avenue in the cities of Pasay and Paranaque;
  7. the establishment of the said lanes resulted in the orderly flow of traffic along the said major thoroughfares;

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6 Responses to “Motorcycle Lanes in EDSA rules and guidelines of implementation, violation, fees and penalties – Where is Tolentino?”

  • darwin mariano says:

    how can i pay my T.V.R i live here in abatan buguias benguet

  • allan panganiban says:

    1078 po ba ang babayaran sa defective brake lights kc po lumuwag lang ung ilaw k sa layo ng mga bnbyahe ko pero d po siya depektib nung sinsbi k sa LTO oficer n aayusin ko e tinekitan nman agad ako. sa bayombong nueva vizcaya po ang office

  • Frances says:

    How do i get my certification which includes details about my license as well as list of any violation

  • Jolly Agcanas says:

    Bakit unfair?.. Hinuhuli ang mga motorcycle kapag wala sa motorcycle lane pero bakit di rin hulihin ang mga ibang sasakyan na ginagamit ang motorcycle lane para mas safe ang motorcycle at maiwasang gitgitin at agawan ng linya ng mga balasubas na four-wheel vehicle, lalo na ang mga bus?

  • Jerem says:

    Ask lang mga boss legal ba na palitan yung kulay ng motor

  • james says:

    Is there any updates regarding this topic?

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