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Driving Without a License Penalty and Fees to Pay

driving without a license violation

I’ve had many visitors here at the LTO License website asking me about the different top high paying traffic violations posted by LTO and I wrote them a couple of months ago just so that drivers may know how much they expect to pay in case a traffic violation is committed.

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A1 Driving School San Juan

A1 Driving School Logo

San Juan is probably one of the cleanest cities in Metro Manila and I just love how the Ejercitos manage the waste as well as the taxes. This clearly shows that the taxes of the people is working well, at least in a point where waste management is clearly of good standing. Not to mention […]

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44 Top LTO Traffic Violations with Highest Fees and Penalty Charges

Traffic Violations and Penalties

In case you didn’t know it yet, here are the 44 top traffic violations to avoid committing because they incur the highest fees and penalty charges and are parallel to some of the heaviest penalties in the Philippines.In actual, they are 47 in number but I removed some of them. You can see the complete […]

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A1 Driving Institute Pasig Branch Office

A1 Driving School Logo

Here is the hotline telephone numbers of A1 Driving school located in Pasig City for those who are looking to find a driving institute to study and learn how to drive safely and defensively. Included in this information is their actual office location address.

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LTO Chief Virginia Torres Announces Retirement Amidst Casino Viral Video Controversy

virginia torres in casino

Despite the fast widespread of the viral video of the casino controversy where now chief of Land Transportation Office, Virginia Torres has recently been involved, the government official has announced in the news her resignation soon. She also said that she has forgiven those responsible for the claimed “set-up” that we all saw in the […]

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